Our SSD packs some impressive flash.

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As part of a campaign for SanDisk via Four Winds Creative, I created short stop-motion animation videos for use on SanDisk's social media channels including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  The idea was to bring their flash memory products to life by featuring them as the characters in a series of fun, animated videos.  I was responsible for all of the animation as well as set construction, prop fabrication, editing and sound design. 



The Aurora is a sleek new sensor by RetailNext, made for tracking and analyzing foot traffic and customer behavior in retail environments.  I animated this sequence for RetailNext to use as a gif on their website, as a way to catch peoples' attention and redirect them to the full product video.  The idea was to emphasize how the Aurora (along with RetailNext's cloud services) can take the place of a wide array of bulky hardware.  I kept it simple and had the "old" hardware crowd into the shot, only to be replaced by the Aurora as it dances across the screen.  It was shot with a green screen so that the client could choose the background.



These days I have the pleasure of working at ChefsFeed as an animator and assistant video editor.  ChefsFeed is a San Francisco-based company with a popular food app by the same name for iOS and Android.  For their app, website and social media properties they produce lots of creative, edgy and mouth-watering content, with a focus on sharing the perspectives, passions, struggles and favorite dishes of established chefs.  This is the inaugural video for a new series called Worst Shift Ever.  They provided a psd of the original black and white illustrations along with an audio recording of their interview of the chef Alex Jackson.  I was responsible for turning it into a video, which involved modifying a few of the drawings, adding some color, animating everything in After Effects, and producing the sound design.  The video has been posted on ChefsFeed's YouTube channel, Facebook page and website.


In the summer of 2014 I began uploading 6 second videos to the Vine mobile video app, mostly animation and time lapses with original music.  One of my videos was made an Editor's Pick and was looped over 60 million times and featured on the Weather Channel and  Before the app's untimely demise I had acquired over 55K followers and produced branded stop-motion animation videos for Rolls-Royce and Sandisk.


Rolls-Royce Trent XWB Turbine, promotional Vine
Commissioned by Rolls-Royce via YOU Agency in London, I produced a short, animated video to promote their new Trent XWB jet engine for Airbus commercial planes. The video was posted on Rolls-Royce's official Vine channel and has been looped over 35K times.

Personal Work

A feed from my Instagram account, whatever I've been working on in my "free" time.  Expect plant time-lapses, some stop motion animation, a pinch of 2D animation, and a dash of live-action now and then.